Black Moon Mandala
  • Black Moon Mandala

    Looking for an ultra-grip yoga mat? Stop looking. We have designed the unique Moon Mandala Yoga Mat with a smart and functional design to give you the best foundation to your daily practice. Featuring non-slip technology, full-cushionioning base, central line for alignment guidance, and bigger size, this mat will give you the comfort you need to perform serious asanas and stay focused on what really matters


    The Moon has a powerful influence over every living thing on our planet. Using the moons energies to release and let go allows us to create the space for new beginnings and amazing opportunities, ensuring that we continue growing and moving forwards every time we come to the mat

    • Features

      Non-Slip Techonology

      Our strong grip techonology will prevent you from sliding even in your sweatiest practice. Keep your focus, no more distractions

      Non-Toxic Materials

      Our mats are made with Natural Rubber to protect both the planet and your body. Free from ink, latex, PVC and other harmful materials 

      Central Line for Alignment

      Whether you're an experienced yogi or beginner, the central line will guide your movements and keep you balanced during your practice

      Longer and Wider

      185cm long x 68cm wide to relax in Savasana with plenty of space

      4mm Cushioning 

      Your joints will be protected as you move through the practice. No need to fold your mat for extra support 

      Weight: 2.6kg

      Carry Bag Included with the Moon Mandala

    • Black Mandala Intention

      Discover your Inner Strengh

      Mandala in Sanskrit means “circle”. It works as a tool on our spiritual journey as it can bring profound inner transformation.The mandala meditation is a simple and relaxing process. Follow the steps listed below and let your journey begin:

      1. Find a confortable sitting position and begin to breathe slowly and deeply, while stilling your mind

      2. Gently gaze at the mandala and relax your eyes on it. Allow the image to go slightly out of focus

      3. Concentrate your mind on the shapes, movements and colours of the mandala. If distracting thoughts arise, let them flow away and gently bring your focus back

      4. Stay here for 3-5 minutes – or as long as you want. When you are ready, slowly bring your attention back to the world around you

    • Care Instructions

      Wipe the top layer with water after 5-10 uses. Use a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge. Do not over-clean it. For a deeper cleaning mix a tiny drop of mild soap or dish washer with plenty of water and wipe it. Let it dry for a couple of minutes. Always roll it with the coloured side on top

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    • Returns

      You can return your mat within 30 days of receipt. For more information please visit

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