Why your bum is SO important?

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

And no, it's not only because it makes you look good in a bikini (which of course, it's great!), but it has more benefits to your health than you imagine

Your bum consists on an important group of muscles called the glute maximum, glute medius, and glute minimus. These three muscles are in charge of great part of your daily movements like walking, sitting, standing, balancing and so on. However, if you're spending too much time seated, your bum muscles might be ‘inactive’ or ‘switched off’ causing other problems.

Your glutes support your core, provide strength and stability to control the lower body and whole pelvic area and help to support a range of exercises and compound movements. When your glutes are weak, other parts of your body will work to compensate for that deficiency. Here some benefits of having a strong bum:

1. No more back pain: building your glute muscles is life-changing. Many people compensate for weaker booties by using their lower back, creating strains, imbalances, bad posture and ultimate pain. Your glutes work to stabilise the pelvis and help you build a good alignment in your body. The glutes as part of a chain of movement, that is why strengthening them will help you support your back muscles and reduce tensions in the area

2. Prevent injuries: As mentioned before, strong glutes provide stability to the pelvis, but when the glutes are weak, it can put a lot of pressure on your knees and ankles to compensate. Strong glutes can decrease your risk for injury in the knees, lower back, hamstrings and groin.

3. Improve your posture: when you listen to your body and build strength in the areas needed (like your bum) your whole body will find harmony and balance, helping you improve your posture and confidence. No matter your motivation, having a strong booty has serious benefits in everyday life. It builds stability and makes you stronger in anything you do

4. Get stronger and fitter

With better butt muscles, you'll feel stronger, and move through your day more easily without getting tired. You'll look and feel healthier and be inspired to continue hitting the gym (or your yoga mat) every day!

In our next post we will share some tips on how to keep a strong bum! Stay tuned.