6 tips to keep up with Yoga during holiday season

Ok, let's be honest. If getting on the mat and having the motivation to practice after a long day at work is challenging sometimes; during the holidays can be specially hard to find the right time, the space and motivation to flow with all the distractions and excitement of the holiday

But I must say, there is not better time to practice and connect with your inner body, especially if you can be outdoors with nice views or fresh air. The holiday season is a time of renewal, where you disconnect from all the stress and take a break from our standard busy lives. Being away brings feelings of joy; excitement and relaxation helping your body release endorphins (the happiness hormone that works as a natural painkiller in you body) and be in the present moment.

While there are many benefits to taking a well-deserved break, we often let our healthy habits slip away as well. So, here a few tips on how to maintain your yoga practice on your next holiday:

1. Pack your yoga essentials: make room in your bag to take at least 1-2 yoga pants and your fav travel mat. There are many options for this that you can fold and take in your handbag. Having your set of clothes ready will inspire you and remind you to practice even if you don't feel like it.

2. Research yoga studios in the area: take a moment to google the best places to practice so you can take time off and treat yourself. If there are no yoga classes available, you can always make good use of the technology and download a yoga app to enjoy some movement and relaxation wherever you are.

3. Keep it short: while away, you probably don't need to spend 90 min on the yoga mat following a Rocket Yoga Sequence. Even 15min flow can do the work and help you feel energised and ready for the day. A little something is always better than nothing.

4. Take your yoga off the mat: when unfolding your mat is not possible and things get difficult, remember this: eating your veggies, being kind with the planet, being honest and following your heart are different ways to practice yoga. Yoga is more than a beautiful pose with a nice background. Feel connected and be the best version of yourself.

5. Take part on a yoga challenge: We all know you there are millions of yoga challenges happening right now, so why don’t take part of it? People can really motivate you and inspire you to try new poses, new sequences and feel the yoga high

You don't need to quit doing the things you love because you're away. Stay true to yourself



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