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Chantal Di Donato
Chantal Di Donato


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"Sixteen years ago, I started my own journey into the world of health and Nutrition . At 17 I suffered from anorexia and when I finally started eating again I had a terrible relationship with food. I spent 18 years going between starvation and overeating.
It really messed up my system and it meant I struggled with my weight all through my 20’s. No matter how much i learned about nutrition, nothing was changing for me!
Well.. the truth is: food was not the issue; food way just my comfort!  The issue was self-love and  self esteem, something I just didn’t have but really needed.

I exercised a lot and tried to bring science into my bad relationship with food and my body. But I was addicted, in fact obsessed,  with finding the “silver bullet” for weight loss (even though i was never what one would call "fat"). I tried fat burning pills, to cut my appetite, and every diet under the sun. Nothing worked because the more I restricted my food intake, the more the urge to binge came back and without realising, I had polished a whole box if biscuits and ice-cream! I exercised over 2 hours each day: cardio and weights training and though I was toned, I did not like my body at all! I tried Yoga for the first time in 2007 and stopped after 6 months because I thought i was "too fat" for it!  What a disaster!
Then when I turned 30,  I put a stop to my obsessive behavior. I realised I was not getting any younger nor healthier,  and my behaviour was causing me health issues and I was just not ready to live a life of pain because of self-inflicted preventable diseases. Moreover, I was tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what in saw and always comparing myself to others!
That was exhausting! I decided to change. I started paying my body attention, complimenting my nice features and accepting the ones I thought were flawed. And slowly by changing my attitude towards my body and my life, I managed to cut my sugar addiction (it was hard) and I began experimenting with portion control. I  went back to Yoga and started practicing more regularly and slowly I found out that my body was enjoying this new approach: a kinder, softer and more mindful one!  As part of my experimentation plan, after a couple of years, I became a vegan and then,  everything changed!  The compassion of veganism, towards my body and other beings,  suited me perfectly, and where I had been feeling stuck for the longest time, I realised, I had started to grow and open my mind!
I started practicing more than just physical yoga, I started bringing yoga into my daily life, an approach I tend to share in my classes too to inspire my students to do the same! Yoga has become a way of life, a happy place! "



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Ale discovered yoga in 2010 when she decided to take better care of both her body and mind… She practised various styles since, including Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Acro- and Aeroyoga. Ultimately, she fell head over heels in love with Vinyasa Yoga – the style in which she completed her 200hr teacher training and is already planning her advanced 300hr training for 2018!

Ale teaches in various venues in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire. Her classes combine freedom of movement with the exploration of yogic philosophy and a bit of a good belly laugh.

They involve music and flowing yet challenging yoga sequences aimed at building strength and flexibility, exploring the meaning of yogic philosophy and developing a compassionate attitude towards ourselves and others.

Ale is a certified member of Yoga Alliance Professionals and Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

Jenn Tshau

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Inhale: “This is me.” Exhale: “This is now”...

living from the heart in the present moment with full acceptance and awareness of yourself is what I stand for.

From an early age on as an extremely high sensitive kid I felt a strong connection to nature and movement and practised various dancing styles. Playing drums and piano together with dancing gave me this enormous sense of freedom and a way to express feelings and emotions.

Than as a teenager growing up in an environment where it was not allowed to express too much creativity let alone your heartfelt emotions, this could only lead to one day finding yourself completely lost in a world full of chaos.

From that point I wanted to deepen my understanding in myself and life. In yoga. so I decided to do a 200hr Holistic teacher training course in Goa, India.

Never expected to be so impacted by this, falling in love with yoga even more, the human self healing abilities but also falling in love with myself again and experiencing the world on and of the mat in a totally different new refreshing and loving way.

After being a Retail professional for over 10years, worked at L.K.Bennett London as an Area manager for the Netherlands, also being an event manager with a lot of passions I switched the gear and completed numerous studies and courses.

Now working as a Lifestyle coach, organising workshop and events, being a yoga teacher able to help others getting more in touch w/ their body mind and soul.

Consciously creating more acceptance and self-love, help and inspire others being able to live from their full potential in connection with the inner and outer-world, is the most rewarding thing ever. Creating magic together!

You can find me most of the time in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Doing one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops and energy work w/ crystals, tarot readings and astrology and of course you can find me teach some dynamic vinyasa flows, hatha and yin classes.

Upcoming months I will be assisting in the 200hr TTC from Soul&Yoga in Goa, India at the beautiful Ashvem beach, Wellnessin Resort. After teaching there I will be doing another self study, yin ttc module.

When stars & planets align, I hope we’ll meet and can share some magic together.

Love & Light, Namaste.

Rachel Perry
Rachel Perry

Rachel Perry

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I first came to yoga in my early 20's as a way of keeping physically, emotionally and spiritually fit. I fell in love with the vinyasa flow style of yoga and I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to join a teacher training to deepen my understanding of this ancient discipline.


I joined a 200-hour programme with Yoga London and never looked back, its one of the best decisions that I have ever made! Since that first life-changing training, I have gone on to complete numerous other trainings, courses and workshops to keep things fresh, inspiring and current for me and for the benefit of the students that attend my classes. I teach from the heart and I teach with humour its the only way I know how. Many Blessings, Rachel

Holly Warren
Holly Warren

Holly Warren

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Looking back I now realise that Yoga has always been my passion; physical expression in connection with body, breath and the inner place of stillness.

It was present in earliest memories, my parents introducing me to meditation when I was seven, a ‘walking’ one for a child to practice a few minutes each day. We still laugh at the memory of them coming back into the bedroom a couple hours after being safely ‘tucked in’ only to find me walking up and down on the bed, still reciting my mantra.

As an adolescent many of my summers were spent volunteering on silent retreats in the Black Forest in Germany and then travelling to India in my late teens and the beginning of more intense study.

At the same time my life has been a journey into movement. I remember always wanting to roll, jump, skip and shift though space. My childhood was largely dedicated to community dance and my early career emerged working as a professional contemporary dancer.

My heart has always wanted to find expression and connection. And not distinct from us all, this embrace is above all sought in relationship; with mother and father, brother, friends… and with myself. Sometimes in the sweetness of warmth and intimacy, other times in the fire of controversy and isolation. Looking for love, wanting to come to that inner place we know as home.

And so this relationship with yoga has sustained and accompanied me throughout my life. Integrated into my dance career, it led me back to facilitating breath and meditation workshops throughout Europe and to being invited to teach yoga teacher trainings in London and in Manchester.

I remain at that place of seeking expression and connection, of ‘building relationship’. The body and breath have the capacity to inform us in every moment and guide the mind to connect to the present, to what is now.

And so I find that my work is to guide myself and support others to feel embodied and to be ready to be in the world with courage and warmth… for ourselves and for others.

Sara Colombo

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To me, yoga is a journey to happiness. A process that starts on the mat and continues during the day manifesting itself through my choices, my thoughts and habits. 

It started out as meditation when I was a teenager, attracted to the chakra theories and the need for some clarity and self-awareness, I would read from books and practice a few asanas and chanting in my room. 

But it was only in 2010 that it became a consistent part of my life. 

A fitness instructor and running enthusiast, I never really thought that yoga could become so important to me.

I practiced Ashtanga, Hatha, Sivananda, Vinyasa, Aerial, Kundalini and a long list of other online and offline classes like Hip Hop Yoga and some other new methods, studied meditation and the Buddhist Centre, practiced at home before going to work, etc.

I am not sure if there is one single system that works best for me, I like them all for different reasons, and although Ashtanga and Vinyasa remain my core and bases for my practice and classes, I still like to experiment and explore. 

I am a certified Hatha & Vinyasa teacher and have studied with David Swenson, Kino MacGregor and Tara Stiles. 

Che Dyer

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My name is Ché Dyer, a South African based in London and I teach vinyasa flow yoga. The classes I teach are dynamic and breath centred usually with an emphasis on a particular theme or philosophy.
I love the vinyasa style for it's creative nature as creativity in all it's forms is something that is close to my heart! I create a range of yoga-illustrated products, greeting cards and prints which I sell online and in various online 

stores. When I am not getting upside-down on the mat or doodling at my desk, you can find me curled up on the couch with my husband and some good red wine!

Angharad Sydney
Angharad Sydney
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When my dance career was unexpectedly cut short by injury I turned to yoga to help me heal both physically and mentally. Since then yoga has completely transformed my life! This was the reason I decided to become a teacher, if yoga could have such an impact on me I wanted to share that with others.

I completed my 200HR certification and began teaching straight away. It was the best decision I have ever made! I am also a fully qualified prenatal and mum and baby yoga teacher and am midway through my 500HR certification which I am loving.

I have practiced many styles of yoga and use the experiences from these practices to inform my teaching. I mainly teach dynamic Vinyasa flow, I just love the creativity of flow classes and draw on my choreographic skills to keep my sequencing fun and exciting, as well as challenging. I love working with all levels from beginner to advanced and my classes have something for everyone, whether it's touching your toes, being able to sit in meditation without getting distracted, recovering from injury, breathing better or working towards a one armed handstand! My classes have a strong focus on alignment, aiming to find balance between strength and flexibility, stamina and relaxation. I strongly encourage students to listen to their own bodies and take appropriate options so they feel empowered to do what is best for their bodies and minds.

Yoga teacher Laura Jimenez
Yoga teacher Laura Jimenez

Laura Jimenez

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After finishing my Contemporary Dance Degree at the Professional Conservatory of Dance in Granada (Spain), I got into the world of Yoga to get a deeper awareness and control of my body.

Surprisingly for me, I fell in love with every conscious inhale and exhale that connects body, mind & soul, changing my workout point of view and feeling awesome benefits at all levels.

I decided to enrol the 200h YTT to be able to share the yoga-lifestyle with others. Along the journey I’ve learnt how to adjust every pose to my student’s needs, making yoga accessible to every-body.

I’m also a certified pre/post-natal yoga teacher, which has made me bring more and more attention to the strength of the feminine body, the power of creation, the guidance of our instincts and the natural ability of nurturing.

All of the above, together with a Vinyasa Flow style, make my classes intense, fun, accessible and interesting at the same time