About us

Phantai is a family business focused on providing the best comfort to your practice with our range of environmentally friendly yoga products so you can keep your focus on what really matters to you.


Our mission


To create sustainable, eco friendly and beautiful yoga products to inspire people to live healthier and happier lives feeling free to move and let go off everything every time they step on the mat. 

To expand the yoga community by offering spaces for yogis to become one and share their experiences and stories on the mat

To give back to this world by donating part our profits to important causes like Mental Health Awareness, Cancer treatments, Elephant protection and others. 


"We believe we can make this this world a better place to live and leave to the future generations.Yoga is for everybody and here at Phantai we care about making it accessible to bring more calm, kindness and compassion into this busy and crazy world" 

Our Designs 

Mandalas represent the circle of life, your journey and adventures. It symbolises a spiritual path to become one with the universe. A mandala can be a powerful meditation tool and to us it made perfect sense to have an inspiring and powerful mandala on a yoga mat as a reminder that every body is different, that our practice is very personal and our journey through life is unique


Meet the founder

Yoga means the world to me. It's not only the way I keep my body and mind healthy, it also represents the way I express myself, how I connect with nature, how I deal with the daily challenges and how I discover myself more and more every time I'm on the mat. Phantai is how I share my desire to see more people practicing yoga, expanding their spirituality, mindfulness and wellbeing. Phantai have gave me the chance to meet, learn and be inspired by others yogis in this beautiful journey which have allowed me to give the best of myself in order to create beautiful, inspiring and planet friendly products for you and for your practice. 

I have suffered from depression, eating disorders and loneliness in the past. Yoga found me and saved me from all that. I changed my diet, started living the present moment, practiced yoga 4-6 days a week and fell in love with my life again. All this was the perfect combination of motivation and excitement to start sharing my experience on and off the mat with everyone around me. This is why I believe we are all warriors of light in this world and we are all special in our own way. 

Being a yoga mom and teacher also pushes me to be a better person every day, to be humble and to run this business in the best possible way to keep supporting your journey to enlightenment 

Adriana x 

Founder, Phantai