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Your new Favourite Mat

Eco-friendly, Grippy and beautifully designed


Recommended by yoga teachers and students. Mindfully designed to grip, support you and help you move deeper

Perfect for home or studio practice


Designed for the adventurous yogi

It goes where you go


Designed to promote emotional healing, inner peace and relaxation

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"I LOVE the mat. This mat has changed the game for me! I've also never had a mat that I'm not sliding about all over. The grip is great! Overall it's brought a whole new comfort experience to my practice" - Laura Louise


 "I love my Mandala Yoga Mat, I have used it everyday since I got it. I love the design on the mat and the colour is beautiful. After 2 months of daily use my mat is still like new, the mat is lovely and grippy and is so comfortable to practice on

- Tracey Birnie

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